We’re not talking about little people here…

We’re talking about folks who come up short in character, but long on holding grudges.

You may have noticed “the little guy” often gravitates to those powerful positions in the workplace–the kind of jobs with a lot of responsibility, but without the matching salary. Unfortunately, their scrawny, stable paychecks aren’t nearly enough to compensate for their overwhelming frustration in life.

So, they learn to take their frustrations out on anybody who annoys them…and it doesn’t take much…especially in the roofing business.

All you have to do is anything they don’t like and you’ll catch their wrath. Make them mad, angry, feel insulted, put down, ignored, or misunderstood, and they’ll gladly use their big, powerful position to make your life hard because that’s what “the little guy” does.

Having Fun

What they lack in pay, they make up for in having fun on the job…and their idea of fun is torturing you.

This is especially true when “the little guy” thinks you’re doing better than you should be doing in life. You’re especially annoying to them.

They can’t stand you!

How dare you live your dreams, make some money, and be happy, too? That isn’t fair!

You should be strapped down to a job you think you can’t leave making less than you need while living under the heavy weight of continual regret and resentment.

Successful roofing salespeople and roofers can easily annoy “the little guy” because big sales, and big money from building roofs, gets a lot of attention, right?

He might be the guy down at the permit office or the code inspector. He might be the forklift operator, the head warehouse dude, or the credit clerk. Heck, he could even be your sales manager, investor, or boss. You’re doing well, they aren’t.

Be Considerate

When we’re rolling, making good money, it’s far too easy to unintentionally dismiss the people around us. We don’t mean anything by our lack of attention and manners. We’re excited about making money in roofing.

The people you blow off today might not impact your next paycheck, but there’s always somebody watching, waiting for their chance to even things out. That secretary at your roofing company, who cuts your commission check every week, may not make 1/10th of what you make, but she can make you pay in ways you never dreamed possible.

In the long run, it pays to slow down, pay attention, and honor “the little guy” who helps make your life possible.