You may have heard the saying, “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

Well, that’s not entirely true. Let me explain what I mean.

Your eyes are your dominant source for processing new information…NOT your ears. What you see is actually 10X more effective than what you hear. I’ll remind you of another saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, if you’re counting pictures, you’re telling more…and selling more.

Words Aren’t Enough

It’s for this reason alone, you have to involve and engage your roofing leads by using their eyesight to sell them effectively. Words are good, but they’re not enough. You have to give them a visual picture of what you want them to buy.

Get into the habit of showing pictures, pulling out roofing shingle samples, and sharing colorful brochures.

It’s simple to take pictures with your phone, tablet, or digital camera. Sure, you should talk to your prospect about the damage, but it’s better to show them, too.

You have a sample board, don’t you? Even if you don’t have a full-size sample board, you probably have a few loose shingles in the back of your truck, or maybe one of those small folder-sized sample boards. Pull them out and show them to you prospect. Sell their eyes, not just their ears.

If you’re bringing prospects to your office, use an overhead projector with a nice white screen. Show them what you’re going to sell them.

You may need some good roofing sales training to learn how to use these techniques, but let me ask you, does your roofing company have a colorful brochure or can you pull up your website on your tablet? Show it to your prospect. Let them see your brand and experience your company with their eyes.

The eyes sell more than the ears.